Starting Over

Once again, I am starting over. The blog associated with this website used to have hundreds of posts dating back quite a few years. Over a year ago, while the site was located at, it was the subject of a malicious attack that took down the blog and and corrupted the database that supported it. The process of rebuilding has proved to be extremely slow, and this is my second attempt to start from scratch rebuilding the blog. 

Along with writing new posts, I will gradually repost much of what was on the old blog. I look forward to interacting with you again!

One Reply to “Starting Over”

  1. Yesterday (February 15, 2023) I was able to restore a large number of posts from 2009–2017 that had been lost since the disaster mentioned in this post. I am very glad to have those posts back, but some are still missing the images that originally appeared with them. I will be restoring those in the months ahead.

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