Polytonic Greek on Android Smartphones

Jason Hare posted the following advice on the TextKit forum for getting Android smart phones to display polytonic Greek back in June. I thought I would share his advice here for those of you using Android phones to read this blog.

Download “Fontomizer” from the Android Market. It’s a free app. Install it. Open it and choose the Ubuntu-TTF font. Download and install it.

Go into Settings > Display > Font Style and choose Ubuntu. It displays polytonic Greek fantastically.

I hope this works for you.

Update from August 17, 2015.

The advice in this post is old. It does not work on the Android phones newer than version 4.1. The comments discuss the experiences of several readers and my responses to them. If you have anything to add about how you are using polytonic Greek on an Android phone or your frustrations with trying to do so, feel free to post your experience as a comment.