On Generating the Greek Noun Phrase

After many years away from seriously analyzing Greek Noun Phrases I am rereading Cheryl A. Black and Stephen Marlett’s article “On generating the Greek noun phrase” (Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session. 40: 89-105, 1996). I wish it had been published a couple of years earlier. I would love to have had a copy while I was writing Levels of Constituent Structure.

If you are interested in Greek phrase structure and understand the symbols DP, NP, XP as labels for types of phrases, you should be able to understand the article well. You can download your own copy if you’re interested or read it online at the same location.

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    1. Yes. I agree with Black and Marlett that much of what we call Noun Phrases (NP) in Greek are actually better analyzed as DPs. I was coming to that conclusion while finishing LoCS, but was not yet reading to make the case solidly enough.

      That would not have changed any of the central claims I was making about constituent structure, but it would have changed the way I presented a few examples I cited and would have made the argument better.

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