Infinitival Clauses

Have any of you seen Christina Sevdali’s dissertation, Infinitival Clauses in Ancient Greek: Overt and null subjects, the role of Case and Focus? I have not added it to my bibliography because I don’t know if it addresses any texts from the Hellenistic Period. According to the abstract, the last chapter addresses an issue in Modern Greek, but it is not clear whether “Ancient Greek” includes the Hellenistic Period in Sevdali’s work.

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  1. Hi, only now saw your website – looks very interesting, I need to have a good look around.
    Regarding my thesis: there is no Hellenistic data in my work, I focus on Classical Greek. If anyone wants a copy, i am happy to email it to you. My email is **christina.sevdali**@****

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I struck out and made obvious alterations to the email address to prevent spambots from picking it up and flooding Dr. Sevdali’s inbox with junk! Actual humans, however, can still read it. Just ignore the asterisks and strike-through. Micheal Palmer

    1. Thank you. Several research papers, theses, dissertations and books have been completed in the last few years dealing with Classical Greek that so far have no parallel dealing with the Hellenistic period. I hope the great work being done on the earlier period will inspire similar works for the later one!

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