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On June 30, while I was away at a retreat in the mountains of North Carolina with my daughter, Mike Aubrey announced over at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ that the Greek Language & Linguistics section of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) has a new website up and running. You can find that site at

The site has preliminary abstracts for the papers that will be presented in November.

Here’s what the site says about its purpose:

This site has an informational purpose. While it provides some information from past meetings, it will mainly serve to post announcements about future meetings of the Section at SBL and provide details of the papers to be presented.

This seems to hint that more information on the papers will be forthcoming, but it’s hard to tell.

The Greek Language and Linguistics Section of the SBL holds two sessions at each meeting of the SBL. One is an “Open Session” often presenting papers on a wide variety of topics. The other session is “Thematic,” that is, focused on a single theme. This year’s thematic session will focus on discourse markers. If you are interested in discourse studies and their relation to Linguistics, you will want to read the abstracts for the “Thematic Session.” Follow the link above and scroll down to find them.

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  1. I failed to mention that Steve Runge will be presenting a paper in the thematic session of the Greek Language & Linguistics section at SBL. His paper will deal with temporal adverbs as discourse markers. If you are going to be at SBL, be sure to hear his presentation!

  2. Thank you for informing people who follow your excellent blog about this new site. Sorry that the post was intentionally vague about what is to come. We are hoping that in the future (starting with the 2011 presentations) many presenters will provide more content for the informational site both before & after their presentation at SBL. However, this is outside our control, unless we decide to require this (which we have not done). The recommendation (shared with both presenters & the public alike) is as follows: “Starting with 2011, we are strongly encouraging all presenters to make available on our website any content from their presentations at BGL&L sessions that they are willing to make public for distribution. This information can be submitted both before & after presentation at SBL. This content can be extended abstracts/summaries (beyond what has previously been submitted to the SBL program book), handouts, PowerPoint presentations, links to online content from presenters’ own websites/blogs, etc., up to & including full papers. If a version of a past presentation becomes published, we would also accept & post relevant bibliographic information. The goal of this new recommendation is to promote greater scholarly interaction with & access to the work presented at the sessions of the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics section of SBL.

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