Sound of 1st Century Greek: Mark 1-9

mark1-1imageLouis Sorenson has produced a nice reading of the first nine chapters of Mark’s Gospel following Westcott and Hort’s 1881 text using the Restored Koine pronunciation. His Let’s Read Greek website has numerous helpful resources for reading Greek texts. This is one among many.

Text and audio of Mark 1-9


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  1. I have found this to be a wonderful website! The interactive self-quizzes within each lesson really make these lessons benefical. I am using to review the basics.

    I found these errors (not many), but if you are interested, I have listed them.

    Lesson 9: In the table, ομολουεω > ομολογεω
    Consonants produced with the lips (labials) will changes to ψ. (changes > change)
    Consonants…to the to the roof of the mount (to the to the > to the), (mount > mouth)
    Exercise 1: Recognizing Aorist Forms of Ω Conjugation Verbs
    Quiz answer box 6.a. (op > or)
    Questions 12, 13 (μι verbs)–don’t seem to belong here, out of place for Ω verbs
    Aorist of -μι Conjugation Verbs–under this heading aorist is spelled “aorst
    Vocabulary Quiz, #5–βασιεια > βασιλεία

    I can continue to send to you any more errors I come across in future chapters, if you think it is worth my time. Just let me know. Thanks.

    1. Tim:

      This kind of feedback is wonderfully helpful. It helps make the grammar better for everyone.

      Given that you posted these corrections back in December, I’m not sure how I managed not to catch the problems till now. I’m sorry for that. I definitely do want to encourage users of the grammar to notify me of any mistakes so that I can correct them.

      I have corrected the mistakes you mention that are located in the lesson itself. It may take me a little longer with the exercises since the software I used to create them is no longer around.

  2. Thanks for getting back with me. Is there a program that is comparable to the one you used? I would be interested in using something like this. Thanks.

    1. I do have plans for that, but finding the time is difficult. I am working on a different project at the moment that is occupying most of available time for Greek. I hope to be able to make some progress this summer.

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